• What Comes Up, Must Come Down

    I believe in Systems Thinking. My friend Michael Ayres from 3M introduced me to Systems Thinking many years ago, and although I’m a little rusty, the concepts still give me hope.  In this newsletter, you’ll read about how Systems Thinking can help us deal with change and transition whether experiencing growth or struggling with underinvestment.
  • Thinking About Complexity

    Most people think linearly – this, then that.  Our more complex challenges require more complexity.  In the right diagram, there are many connections influencing each other. This is how the real world works.  Complex problems require complex thinking.
  • Leveraging Archetypes to See Systems

    In Systems Thinking, we call common systems archetypes.  We can leverage them like job aides to understand the complexity of an problem. Here is a description of archetypes from @leyla_Acaroglu (