What Comes Up, Must Come Down

I believe in Systems Thinking. My friend Michael Ayres from 3M introduced me to Systems Thinking many years ago, and although I’m a little rusty, the concepts still give me hope.  In this newsletter, you’ll read about how Systems Thinking can help us deal with change and transition whether experiencing growth or struggling with underinvestment.

When we decide on the CAUSE of a problem, we often underestimate the EFFECT that occurs when we try to fix it (CAUSAILITY).  We often make assumptions that keep us from seeing reality.  Our brain is built to make decisions. But how your organization thinks about problems has a lot to do with the quality of solutions. It’s not unusual for organizations to rush to solve a problem without figuring out the contributing factors. When a fix fails, we tend to give up rather than thinking more deeply about the assumptions we made that influenced the outcomes.

An important concept is Mental Models.  These are the frames which we use to view the world, but we forget that we have built our beliefs on assumptions not fact. 

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