The Power of You: EQ Team Workshop

The Power of You: EQ Team Workshop

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Current research shows that when we lose our cool over something, it takes more than four hours to get over it. This course will teach you how to be aware of those who are experiencing an "emotional hangover" and how to get past it. 


Teams, team leaders, and project members or individuals who want to:

  • Manage their teams
  • Guide members of the team or co-workers through a time of transition or change
  • Work with the people who are making company or team decisions


This workshop will provide you with research and shows you how to map it to ways you can help how your team reacts to circumstances. You can help them build resiliency by helping them identify the triggers that take them out and show them ways to avoid or react to those triggers and situations.


After attending this session, participants will know and be able to:

  • Identify triggers to emotional reactions before they happen
  • Avoid or reduce the reaction to emotional triggers
  • Map this information for their teams to minimize bad decision making
  • Utilize current tools and instruments to help teams under stress


This one-day interactive workshop includes workbooks, supplies, a TriMetrix EQ assessment for each learner, a team model of the assessment results, and facilitation from one of RMA's experts for up to 15 learners. You provide the learners and physical space (currently this workshop is virtual), we will do the rest.*

*This workshop is currently only available virtually