Un-biased Team Workshop

Un-biased Team Workshop

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Unconscious bias exists inside each person, affecting our behaviors, relationships, performance, and engagement. Interrupting the patterns is a skill that everyone can learn.

Un-biased Team Workshop is a two-hour, hands-on, skill-building, practical learning experience that will move employees (up to 15 people) from passive blindness to conscious awareness and action. 

In this beginner-level workshop, participants will learn, through interactive experiences, how bias can affect relationships and businesses. Each learner will train themselves to disrupt their default thinking by identifying the truth behind their decisions and systems. As each learner builds awareness, they will develop new skills to mitigate bias in themselves and those they lead. Ultimately, this practice will grow innovation and collaboration, critical to business success. Emotional Intelligence is an additional part of this learning process. 

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their conscious awareness. Unconscious bias happens outside of our control. It occurs automatically and is triggered by our brain making a quick judgment. As the learner becomes more AWARE, he or she will learn to MITIGATE and COMMIT to action. 

This workshop has pre-work to complete prior to class.

*This workshop is currently only available virtually.