Leadership Team Workshop

Leadership Team Workshop

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This team-building workshop will help chart your team's path to success. Bring this workshop to your organization and with our Leadership workshop, your team of up to 15 people will gain the tools they need to succeed in their technical careers.  You provide the space and we do the rest!* 

Our Leadership Workshop is Not Your Typical Leadership Workshop!

What makes you a rock star at your job today is not the skill set that will help you succeed in a leadership position tomorrow. Do you have what it takes to be a high-level executive leader at your company?

This program is the start of continued growth for your team as you learn about yourself, your career, and your peers.

What is the  Leadership Workshop?

Unlike your typical leadership workshop, this 4-session boot camp provokes you to try on behaviors that drive leadership. Through simulations, assessments, and collaboration with peers, you will identify the best career plan for your leadership goals.

We’ll help you uncover your strengths and blind spots. You’ll learn what leadership takes and how you can grow the critical competencies.

The outcome: you grow and match your needs to your ideal career. You will walk away with valuable feedback and a game plan to achieve your goals.

What can you expect?

In four half-day meetings, you will…

  • Hear from multiple CIO/CEO speakers about what it takes to be in leadership.
  • Uncover and compare your strengths and weaknesses to leaders in the IT industry through personalized assessments.
  • Gain valuable peer feedback about your work and leadership style.
  • Learn new strategies for growing the future leaders you are responsible for.

What People Are Saying About the Leadership Workshop...

“After attending this workshop, I have learned to listen more actively and pay attention to emotions and response”. – Lisa D.

"IT Leadership Bootcamp taught me the importance of being more aware of others' strengths and weakness”. – Kirk B.

“I am now better able to adapt to various personalities.” - David C.

“This workshop helped me learn the steps to be a leader along with showing me my strengths and weaknesses.” - Teresa D.

“After attending, I'm more confident in asserting my leadership skills in the real world.” - Ben D.