Realistic Project Management Team Workshop

Realistic Project Management Team Workshop

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This team-building workshop can be set up for your team of up to 15 people as four half-days, one week apart OR two days face-to-face*

Let’s face it; most people spend their days in chaotic, fast-paced, time- and resource-strained organizations. This course is designed for today’s busy professional who needs advice and guidance to deliver projects on time and within budget.


Participants attending this session are involved in one or more of the following areas:

  • Estimating project duration accurately
  • Planning, tracking, and controlling multiple projects
  • Communicating project status to stakeholders effectively


Participants will receive a Behaviors and Motivators Assessment full report and debrief. This workshop will guide and help the Project Manager to plan, organize, and control the project effort as well as costs. Bring your gnarliest project to work on during the course and get REAL work done! 


After attending this session, the participants will be able to:

  • Define the roles of the project manager, the project sponsor, and other key people in a project
  • Build a stakeholder communication plan
  • Document business objectives of the project
  • Document project objectives
  • Document the risks and constraints of a project
  • Document the scope of the project
  • Practice resiliency to adapt to the needs of the project
  • Adapt communication style to others involved with the project to ensure collaboration
  • Build a Project Charter
  • Build a Project Schedule/Plan
  • Choose the appropriate activities for each project
  • Estimate and manage the cost of projects
  • Perform a post-project review for every project to ensure that project management competence improves


*This workshop is currently only available virtually