The Power of You: EQ In-Person Workshop

The Power of You: EQ In-Person Workshop

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Navigating the multi-tasking, highly matrixed, undefined world can be exhausting, unhealthy, and costly to your organization. Build your own personal definition of “Being Smart” by knowing and using your strengths, values, and emotions to drive good decisions.

Current research shows that when we lose our cool over something, it takes us over four hours to get over it. This course will teach you how to be aware of those who are experiencing an "emotional hangover" and how to get past it.

Emotional Intelligence is the X-Factor that can Propel You from Average to Outstanding

Emotional Intelligence Training Can Help with Multiple Problems:

  • Trouble managing disruptive behaviors/emotions (anger, defensiveness, anxiety, fear, insecurity, guilt, shame, embarrassment, etc) 
  • Need to create a better work-culture/environment and trouble with people managing self and teams
  • Struggles with managing emotions or being empathetic to co-workers.
  • Issues with the mix of at-home and in-the-office settings – using communication, emotions, and behaviors to reflect positive over negative.

Working with many people with varying emotions/behaviors can be draining. The methods to manage emotions and keep them in check in stressful times can be developed and strengthened. The first step is here. 

The Details 

Session Date: 5/25/2022

Session Time: 9AM-4PM

Session Location:

Salvation Army Headquarters 
6060 Castleway West Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46250


This interactive workshop includes supplies, an EQ assessment for each learner, and facilitation Moser experts.

Who Should Attend

Those individuals who should attend are team leaders, team and project members who want to:

  • Navigate difficult organizational change
  • Juggle overwhelming to-do lists and responsibilities
  • Focus on personal balance and joy in teams

What the Session Provides

This session will provide you with research and show you how to map it to ways you can help improve how your team reacts to circumstances. You can help them build resiliency by helping them identify the triggers that take them out and show them ways to avoid or react to those triggers and situations.

What Participants Learn

After attending this session, participants will know and be able to:

  • Identify current stressors and strategies to reduce them
  • Establish what keeps you stable, what is important, and what pushes your instability
  • Determine your unique strengths and values that can create positive or disruptive stress depending on your choice
  • Reframe your role from victim to victor
  • Learn to mitigate your physical reaction to negativity and stress from others to improve decision making
  • Build a personal practice to take back your power
  • Stop working on the wrong things and start working on the right things for the right amount of time
  • Lead and influence others from your home base, even when they are struggling 

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